Live A Life of Art®

Live A Life of Art®

Live A Life of Art®Live A Life of Art®Live A Life of Art®

Quintessentially British Fine Art

 by artist & designer Liz Murray


'Country In Wellies' 

The debut collection.


Things are changing...

Some of our loyal patrons may have noticed a few changes to our online store... 

I, Liz Murray, the artist and found of LALOA would like to update you all on a few changes. Since launching the collection ‘Country in Wellies’  in 2016, the growth of interest has been phenomenal. We have appeared in multiple international magazines, sold across the world and quickly developed a high end brand for our home ware. 

In 2018 I was able to open a gallery, our first home for LALOA in bricks. Unfortunately life often has other plans and due to needing unexpected surgery last summer my health has left me a frequent flyer of hospitals the last year sometimes in a critical condition. As a result the shop had to close and stock replenishment had to take a step back as I could not oversee the processes. 

During this time I’ve had chance to think about things moving forward. Several opportunities have arisen to focus on bigger art projects taking my originals further into the fine art scene.

As a result I’ve made the balanced decision to end the home ware lines and focus entirely on the limited edition giclee prints and originals along with other art oriented projects. I am best known for this collection and the originals have increased in value so much over the past three years. By focusing on this and not diluting my work it means all those pieces will gain in value over years to come, which is something of great importance to me and to those of you collecting my work.